[Black Barley]

Released on November 11th BIO Serum Limited Edition 20.


It has been 10 years since the world's first plant-derived EGF *.

The next evolution is EGF from the new variety "Black Barley".


The start was the focus on black barley by Dr. Björn Örvar, General Manager of Development.


Black barley with strong antioxidants to withstand the harsh environment of the highlands,

Barley without seed coat.

Black Burley was created by combining these two.


Black Burley is an antioxidant as well as

It has unknown potential for beautiful skin.

And because there is no seed coat, a large amount of EGF can be produced.


The Limited Edition released on November 11th also contains EGF derived from Black Burley.


BIOEFFECT 10th Anniversary, evolution aiming for true beautiful skin.

Beautiful skin for people all over the world, regardless of age, gender or race.


BIO Serum Limited Edition 2020Will be released on November 11th (Friday).


* Genetically modified barley synthesis Genetically modified human oligopeptide-1