[Further innovation in the 10th year]

2020 BIO EFFECT will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the brand's birth.


After insatiable research on healthy, age-insensitive skin, Serum was born to commemorate the brand's 10th anniversary.


It has been 5 years since I landed in Japan.

We would like to thank our customers for supporting BIO EFFECT.


The Limited Edition is about 3.3 times the size of a regular serum and can be used for about 6 months.


Firmly blends EGF * 1 obtained from the new barley "Black Barley" produced by BIOEFFECT.

With EGF and moisturizing aging care * 2, we aim for firm, elastic, and glossy skin.


BIO Serum Limited Edition 2020Will be on sale from November 11th (Friday).

* 1 Genetically modified barley synthetic genetically modified human oligopeptide-1: Skin conditioning