[ART MEETS SCIENCE-Fusion of art and science-]

Released on 11/20 BIO Serum Limited Edition 2020.
It was created in collaboration with the world-renowned Icelandic contemporary artist SHOP LIFTER.

It is a design with such a wish that we want special customers to decorate it like an important art.

"We have always expressed the simplicity of BIO EFFECT in design.
One drop of serum is packed with the results of BIOEFFECT's research. "
Says head designer Sóley.

Jet black sand beach Black sand beach
Icelandic lava
Obsidian, a natural glass
And Black Burley.
The pedestal that holds the bottle is packed with various elements.

Shoplifter says.
"I wanted to express the black of barley in a transparent serum.
This pedestal was inspired by volcanic sand and obsidian.
The rainbow-colored clear bottle fits on a jet-black pedestal to add a "black" nuance. "

Shoplifter himself is also an enthusiastic fan of BIO EFFECT.
"I tend to get redness on my skin, so I am very careful when choosing skin care.
2A daily serum in the morning.
Misera cleansing water at night.
OSA water mist on an airplane.
Survive the harsh Icelandic winter with BIO EFFECT items.
I also like the calming, elasticity, moisturizing and glossiness of the skin. "

BIO Serum Limited Edition 2020Will be released on November 11th (Friday).

* Genetically modified barley synthesis Genetically modified human oligopeptide-1