BIO PW Cream

26,400 yen (24,000 yen excluding tax)

BIO PW Cream
BIO PW Cream
BIO PW Cream


Among the aging care brand BIO EFFECT series, it is an item with top class aging care effect as daily care.It can be used as an all-in-one or a plus-one for customers who want to experience more effects than ever before. 

・ Make wrinkles and fine wrinkles inconspicuous 
・ Make stains inconspicuous 
・ Adjusts the texture of the skin, giving it a firm, glossy and elastic skin. 
・ Adjust the texture of the skin and tighten loose pores


A highly functional aging * care cream born after years of research on BIOEFFECT. 

Plant-derived EGF * 1 Japan's first combination * 2 Oridonin * 3 Multifunctional ingredient Niacinamide & β-glucan * 4 combination 
High-performance "power" cream that approaches aging damage from multiple angles 

It is an item that can be used flexibly by replacing it with daily items in the morning and evening, or by adding it to your usual care. 

Usage period: It can be used twice a day for about 1 month, and once a day for about 2 to 1 months.
Contents: 50 ml 

* Age-appropriate care 
* 1 Barley synthetic gene recombinant human oligopeptide-1 (skin conditioning)
 * 2 Registered as a cosmetics label in 2021 
* 3 ・ * 4 Skin conditioning ingredients

After washing your face, apply an appropriate amount to your skin.You can use it by stacking it on other items if you like.
Please wait 3-5 minutes before using sunscreen.

Water, shea butter, fatty acid (CXNUMX-XNUMX) PEG-XNUMX ester, BG, evening primrose oil, cetanol, squalane, sorbitol, hydrogenated polyisobutene, niacinamide, tocopherol, Na hyaluronate, β-glucan, oridonin, phenoxyethanol, oleic acid Sorbitol, Carbomer, Xanthan Gum, Ethylhexyl Glycerin, Polysorbate XNUMX, K Hydroxide, Oleic Seed Extract, Ole Synthetic Genetically Modified Human Oligopeptide-XNUMX 

* Alcohol, paraben, and fragrance-free hypoallergenic. (Not all people are hypoallergenic)

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