OSA Water Mist

6,270 yen (5,700 yen excluding tax)

OSA Water Mist
OSA Water Mist


  • Refreshes, hydrates and rebalances the skin
  • Firming effect
  • Mattifying effect
  • Use as often as desired
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Fragrance-, alcohol-, and oil-free


BIOEFFECT OSA WATER MIST refreshes, hydrates and rebalances the skin. Made with pure Icelandic water and contains Orthosilicic Acid (OSA) and Optimized Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate the skin.


A water mist that contains natural silica "OSA" * 1 and optimized hyaluronic acid * 2 based on the pure water of Iceland.
When you feel dry skin during the day before cleaning.A mist that can be moisturized anytime, anywhere.
You can feel the higher effect by adding it to the care of BIOEFFECT.For firm and elastic skin.



A fresh and comfortable water mist based on the pure water of Iceland, which is said to be the purest in the world.

No fragrances, parabens, oils or alcohol


Contents: 60 ml


* 1 Silica (skin conditioning)

Can be used alone and on top of BIOEFFECT serums

Spray with closed eyes and mouth on clean skin after cleansing and washing.You can also use it over makeup.

Water / silica / propanediol / glycerin / BG / phenoxyethanol / sodium hyaluronate 


Contents: 60 ml

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