BIOEFFECT ~ Limited Edition ~


Bio-effect serum XNUMXth Anniversary Limited Edition



This is a limited edition made with all attention to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the launch of the bio-effects serum, which has won numerous beauty awards since its release.
You can enjoy the serum for a longer time with the amount * equivalent to about 15 bottles of the conventional 4 ml serum.
* Capacity: 50ml (actually 62ml is included) 



 Special design


What makes the limited edition even more special is that the bottles are designed by renowned Danish designer Marianne Brandi and produced by the French workshop Pochet du Courval, which handles many bottles of fine perfume.
* Limited to 2999 bottles worldwide, each bottle has a serial number.  
Just as the beauty page of the French magazine Numero introduced a limited edition bottle of bioeffects serum under the heading "Giorgio Armani and a special bottle of bioeffects", the limited edition is also drawing attention.  
Madame Figaro, a luxury attachment from Le Figaro, France, features Marianne Brandi, the designer who designed the limited edition bottles.Limited edition bottles are also works of art that women always want to keep close to.



Birth of Bio-Effect Limited Edition



Bioeffects have been sold in 2010 stores in 30 countries around the world since the launch of Serum in 1000.It has also been well received in in-flight sales by major airlines such as British Airways, Lufthansa and Swissair.A limited edition of Bioeffect Serum was created to commemorate the XNUMXth anniversary of the release of this Bioeffect. 
The limited edition bottle of bio-effects was produced in the city of Guimerville, France, and since it was founded in 1623 and created Guerlain's perfume bottle in 1853, Pochet Kobo has been working on many famous brand bottles. is.Kristinn Gretarsson, President of Bioeffects, visited the Pochet workshop to make the bottle.
Why did Pochet Kobo, which manufactures as many as XNUMX million perfume bottles each year, decide to make new and still small brand bottles like Bioeffects?Manufacturing manager Yves Bouquier says:
"We have worked for many cosmetics companies and we are proud to work with Icelandic bioeffects this time." 
Yves Bouquier continues when the reporter asks why Pochet Kobo decided to make a bottle of bioeffects.
"Honestly, all the major companies start with the smaller ones. We already know how great the bioeffects are and would love to join the brand's adventure journey. So I decided to work together without hesitation. "
Please join us on the adventure journey of bio-effects!



Proof of bio-effect serum

Bioeffect is a skin care brand born from biotechnology.
Bioeffects is passionate about scientifically demonstrating how a product works on the skin.
Bioeffects will continue to be a brand that visibly demonstrates the effects of its products and pursues quality improvement.


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