Brand introduction

Bioeffects is a brand developed by Iceland's natural energy and biotechnology.We believe that we can approach "beauty" and "aging" from a new angle.It is inevitable that we will grow older, but we believe that the process can be controlled.We support bio-effects users with their own hands to help aging skin regain its natural beauty.

Language that speaks to the skin
EGF contained in bioeffects is also a component in the human body and acts like a language that speaks to skin cells, but it is lost with age. EGF sends a direct message to the skin that it naturally rejuvenates and produces ingredients such as collagen, elastine and hyaluronic acid that provide luster, firmness and moisture.

Birth of bio-effects
In 2001, three Icelandic scientists, including Dr. Bjorn Orbal, developed a method for producing EGF (epidermal growth factor), a Nobel Prize in Chemistry award-winning ingredient, in barley. ..It took 3 years to incorporate plant-derived EGF, which was originally made for the development of pharmaceuticals and pharmaceuticals, into skin care products and sell it.Currently, the bio-effects skin care series is sold in more than 10 stores in more than 20 countries around the world, and has gained fans all over the world.

World's first plant-derived EGF-containing skin care
All Bioeffect products contain plant-derived EGF made from barley grown in Iceland's clean greenhouses.On the other hand, EGF in skin care products on the market is made from bacteria, animal and human cells.Bio-effects plant-derived EGF avoids endotoxin-like risks and, with its high purity and persistence, provides a powerful approach to aging skin.

Bioeffects is a brand born from biotechnology, and we are particular about demonstrating how each product works on the user's skin in a measurable way.Bioeffects continues to be tested internally and in collaboration with external partners to verify the effectiveness of bioeffects.