[EVENT] BIO EFFECT at Hattori Cooking School

"Food" that cleans the skin from inside the body, "Skin care" that works on the skin from the outside

At the Icelandic food event held at Hattori Nutrition College on Saturday, September 9, the Icelandic Ambassador's wife introduced Iceland's food culture, and Takanawa Cosmetics Co., Ltd.'s representative Bottri Trodsen introduced bioeffects. did.

Pure Icelandic water from glacial sources, fresh fish, nutritious lamb, and the dairy product Squeal, which has been eaten by Icelanders for centuries, is the longevity and health of Icelanders. And the source of beauty.

And the bio-effects that have just been born are now spreading as a brand that brings out the natural beauty from the skin of women not only in Iceland but all over the world!