Reveal the secrets of EGF skin care

When it comes to skin care routines, it's hard to say that just one routine suits you.However, the bioeffect formula is suitable for all skin types, so it can be said that it is quite close.

"Finding the perfect skincare regimen." Sounds very simple, doesn't it?But it's hard to make perfect because it's something everyone is struggling with and changes in the environment can affect the skin.

So BIOEFFECTSerum Value SetIs here.It frees you from the hassle of having to calculate which ingredients are best suited for your skin type and which items cover each other and are more effective.Now let's talk about the order of care!We will all clarify and help you.

our Serum Value SetIs full sizeBIO SerumBased onBIO I Serum,EssenceComes with a luxury sample of BIO Body Serum.Use these four items in total to create the best EGF routine for both body and face.

  • Sprinkle BIO Essence on the palm 2 to 4 times and gently apply it to the face, neck and décolletage skin after cleansing.
  • You can then do this both in the morning and at night, with 2-4 drops of serum on the face, neck and décolletage.
  • The final step on the face is to take an appropriate amount of push on the palm, apply BIO Eye Serum around the eyes, massage gently, and tap gently with your fingertips to spread evenly and gently.
  • If you use BIO Body Serum, push it a couple of times and massage it into a smooth circle around your body.It is effective to use it daily after showering or bathing.
Our Tip: EGF likes moist environments, so it's best to use it after a shower or bath, or after cleaning your face in the morning or evening.

As a consumer, choosing the right skin care product from the myriad of skin care products on the market can sometimes be a daunting task.

Most brands make copies of their products with phrases such as "moisturizer," "brighten tone," and "aging care" to complicate matters (as well as we do).However, most of the labels that skin care brands put on their products are meant to attract the attention of consumers and stand out from the flood of cosmetic brands.It would be nice to be able to easily find a product that addresses your skin problems with such a simple labeling, but unfortunately that is not often the case, and products that claim to have a specific effect. Even if you purchase, you may not feel the effect.So it's no wonder that most of the women we talk to are actually confused when looking for the right skin care.

However, at BIOEFFECT, months of research by multiple participants confirm that the prescription works as we say it.Our most popular product, BIO Serum, contains only 7 ingredients, so we take pride in being suitable for all skin types, just like any other product.