[BIO EFFECT Special Event at Keio Department Store]

"Icelandic-born skin care series that works on the skin-Bioeffect special event" will be held on July XNUMXth(Thu)~9Day(Sat)It will be held at Keio Department Store Shinjuku.

 <Date and place>

July XNUMXth (Thursday) to XNUMXth (Saturday) 10:00am ~ 20:30pm(During department store business hours)

Keio Department Store Shinjuku 1In front of the front entrance on the floor (Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku)1-1-4

 Nearest station:JR"Shinjuku Station", Keio Line "Shinjuku Station", Odakyu Line "Shinjuku Station", Toei Shinjuku Line, Oedo Line "Shinjuku Station", Marunouchi Line "Shinjuku Station"


 Those who answer the questionnaire on the day will receive a bio-effect mini serum that can be used for XNUMX days to XNUMX week.In addition, a bio-effect event limited set is also available on the day.

 Event limited setI

14,500 yen (+ tax)

  • Bio-effect serum (15 ml
  • Bio-effect mini serum (3 ml
  • Bio-effect mini day serum (XNUMX)ml
  • Bio-effect luxury mini daytime cream (7 ml

 * Normal bio-effect serum with mini items worth XNUMX yen

 Event limited set II

2,900Yen (+ tax)

  • XNUMX bio-effect mini serums (3 ml x 2
  • Bio-Effect Mi Mini Day Serum (5ml)
  • Bio-effect luxury mini daytime cream (7 ml

 * For normal bio-effect trial kit3An additional mini serum worth XNUMX yen will be attached.

 I am waiting for the coming of everyone from the bottom of my heart!