[BIO EFFECT Price Revision Notice From January 2022, 9]


Thank you for your continued patronage of Bioeffects.

This time, in bio effect 20229Month1We would like to inform you that the product price will be revised from the day.

Due to soaring expenses such as import costs and distribution costs, it has become difficult to maintain the selling price for some time, so we have decided to revise the product price, although we are very reluctant to do so.

Target products and prices (unit price / tax included)

 * Price of PW cream remains unchanged

Therefore, although it is modest, for customers who purchase over ¥ 2022 including tax from September 9, 1 to October 2022, 10, BIO Serum 2.5ml (We will give you a gift (for about 4-6 days).

 As a brand that continues to seek the best in ingredients and quality, we will continue to develop and sell products that will further satisfy our valued customers, and strive to meet their expectations.We look forward to your continued patronage and support in the future.

Takanawa Trading Co., Ltd.