[Exploring the beautiful sleeves of a holiday gift set]

This year's holiday gift set (Winter skin care set) Is wrapped in a beautiful sleeve decorated with unique artwork by acclaimed artist James Mary.

James Merry is a visual artist from Gloucestershire, England.Based in Iceland for over 10 years, he works in a small cabin studio in Hafravatn, a picturesque lake 15 minutes from the capital Reykjavik.All his beautiful and complex works are done by hand in various media.
"I'm usually an embroidery artist, but my work also incorporates other media such as metalwork, silversmithing, mask making, illustration, and digital design. I've mainly been in the last 12 years. Known as co-creative director of her visuals through collaboration with Icelandic singer Björk, she also collaborates with institutions such as V & A Museum, Iris Van Herpen, Tilda Swinton, Gucci, Tim Walker and the Royal Sewing School. I've done it. "

Artist James Merry

When creating the artwork for the BIOEFFECT Holiday Gift Set (Winter Skin Care Set), James was inspired by a visit to the greenhouse where BIOEFFECT grows barley.The complex pattern is woven from BIOEFFECT's characteristic green stripes, and the shape inspired by barley and EGF itself represents a swirl.
"I was very inspired by the depth of science behind BIO EFFECT, and it was a surprising discovery to witness the entire magical process involving barley. After a visit to the greenhouse, I Wanted to somehow reflect all these aspects in the design, incorporating barley and logos microscopically and macroscopically to create something in another world with scientific roots.
I started by studying EGF in detail and was immediately drawn to its physical microscopic structure.I'm a textile artist, so I remembered ribbons and threads.
Much of my artwork focuses on the process of transformation, trying to capture the moment of transformation.Therefore, I wanted to grow these EGF ribbons from the logo and transform them into barley with a silver tip.After sketching this, I started testing the design with embroidered green thread and manually added metallic silver details until the finished design appeared. "
James first came to Iceland in 2009 to work with Icelandic singer Bjork and spent a lot of time. "Soon I started to feel like a home, so I moved to Iceland. Since then, this is my home and my workplace. Living in the nature of Iceland gives me so much joy and peace. I don't think I'll live anywhere else in the future. "

James himself admits that he wasn't always good at maintaining good skin care, but when he moved to Iceland it improved a lot. "I started going to the pool every day and incorporated skin care into that routine. I usually prefer simple, pure products with as few ingredients as possible, so they are very clean, such as rose water and rosehip seed oil. I love to use BIO EFFECT with the basic and organic ones. BIO SerumIs an absolutely invincible classic item, but lately IEssencelove.It looks great and is used as a toner after cleansing.otherEssence and moisturizerIt's the perfect soft base for putting items on top. "

Holiday gift set featuring limited edition artwork by James Mary (Winter skin care set) Please check.

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