[Recommended items for spring skin care]

Spring skin that you can't let your guard down even after overcoming the "extreme dryness" of winter.
Dust such as pollen in the ultraviolet rays that gradually become stronger.
Problems such as redness, muzzles, and rough skin that tend to occur in spring often cause inflammation due to dust adhering to the skin whose barrier function has deteriorated during winter.
Now that your skin is liable to fluctuate, you can improve your barrier function with the moisturizing care of plus α for your usual care and make your skin stronger!
OSA Water Mist
60ml ¥ 5,700 (tax included ¥ 6,270)
A popular mist that contains hyaluronic acid to keep the skin moisturized on the surface and inside * for a long time.Moisturizes the skin and makes it firm and firm.
Please use immediately after washing your face or over makeup during the day.
BIO I Serum
6ml ¥ 9,100 (tax included ¥ 10,010)
BIO EFFECT is the most popular eye serum in the world.
It boasts the highest EGF ** concentration among BIOEFFECT items.
On top of the thin skin, I accidentally rub it with pollen and dust this season ... Moisturize and raise the barrier, and aging care for your eyes ***.

* Up to the stratum corneum
** Barley Synthetic Genetically Modified Human Oligopeptide-1
** Age-appropriate care