[End the unstoppable dryness. 4/27 New item released]

New items will be on sale from BIO EFFECT on April 4th (Tuesday)!

🌱 BIO Hydration Cream 50ml ¥ 11,800 (tax included ¥ 12,980)

The synergistic effect of plant-derived EGF * 1 and highly penetrating hyaluronic acid * 2 is a "water cream" that puts an end to unstoppable drying.
In addition, it contains vitamin E * 3, a healthy ingredient, to back up aging care * 4.
Evidence that the moisture level is increased by 2% * after 30 days of use in the BIOEFFECT in-house test!

This cream can be used as an all-in-one or layered on other serums.

Hyaluronic acid that your skin has and hyaluronic acid that is replenished from cream, these two points are the points of this time 🌟
Hyaluronic acid in the cream moisturizes for 12 hours when blended *.
Furthermore, in the skin * 5, EGF supports the skin's natural moisturizing power.
Moisturizes the skin from the moment it is applied to the skin of the future 💧


BIO Hydration Cream, nicknamed "Water Cream".It's oil-free, but it's nice.But it's fresh.
Please try a new feel that is different from gel 😊


When applied, it will be smooth and smooth, leaving your skin moisturized all day long.
4/27 Please look forward to it.


* 1 Genetically modified barley synthetic genetically modified human oligopeptide-1 (skin conditioning)
Can be used alone and on top of BIOEFFECT serums
* 3 Tocopherol (skin conditioning)

* 5 Up to the stratum corneum
* BIO EFFECT In-house test for 2 days