[April 4th (Sat) Atre Kawagoe Event Announcement]

You can experience bio-effect items at Atre Kawagoe "Beauty Festa".
This is an event that brings together popular cosmetics, inner care foods, and fitness experience booths that women are interested in.

There is also a cosmetics clinic "Bioeffects" stage from 17:00 to 17:30.
For those who participate in the stageBIO Serum 3ml (mini bottle) present.

Event details:https://atre-kawagoe.sc-concierge.jp/…/0416d3_naka_0412_out…

Venue: Atre Kawagoe 7F Space Seven 
     350 Wakitamachi, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture 1122-XNUMX
Date and time: Saturday, April 4th 20: 12-00: 19 (free admission)
     * 17: 00-17: 30 There is a special stage for bio effects

Please drop in when you come near us.