Start your year with a 30 day treatment! ]

The year-end and New Year holidays are over, and even though I should have taken a good rest, the power is down ... There may be people like that.

BIOEFFECT is holding a [Bioeffect 1 Day Challenge] so that you can start your year comfortably!


Introduction of "SUPER SERUM" 30Day treatment
It seems that the 30-day treatment was called "SUPER SERUM" at the beginning of development.It was a whole item for BIO EFFECT, which develops products based on the belief that it is simple but has a solid effect.


-Triple treatment-
The secret of intensive care for 30Day treatments is in the human body"Growth factor"A special protein called. In addition to EGF * 1, it contains two more proteins.


EGF *1
Gives skin firmness and elasticity, and improves moisture.

KGF *2
Makes your skin plump and fine.

IL-1α(Interleukin-1 Alpha) * 3
Increases gloss while giving the skin a firm and firm feeling.

With triple treatment, each approaching different parts of the skin
We aim for age-free skin that is shiny and shiny.


-Recommended usage-
After washing your face in the morning and evening, apply 30-3 drops of 4Day treatment to complete the skin care.
The point is to wait 3 to 5 minutes before making up and let it blend into your skin. Three beauty ingredients approach the skin without being affected by the ingredients of the makeup agent.
We recommend skin care for this item only, 1 to 1 times a year, for a special month.


Pay attention to the moisture of your skin when you wake up in the morning.
Even though I just applied a light-feeling beauty essence that penetrates smoothly, it stays moist until the next morning.

Please check the smoothness of your skin when washing your face.
The texture is in order and you may notice the change when you touch it with your hands.

Please observe your cheeks before making up.
There may be a nice change in the redness and rough skin that I have been worried about until now.

 Please spend a special month looking forward to each day.
I'm sure each skin will have a happy change ♡
I hope you will meet the skin you have never seen in a month.
Have a wonderful year with your heart and skin looking up!


* 1 Genetically modified barley synthetic genetically modified human oligopeptide-1 (skin conditioning)
* 2 Barley synthetic gene recombinant human polypeptide-XNUMX (skin conditioning)
* 3 Barley Synthetic Genetically Modified Human Polypeptide-17 (Skin Conditioning)