Exciting skin care trends in 2022

Dr. Björn Örvar

According to our expert BIOEFFECT co-founder and director of science Dr. Björn Örvar ...

The global pandemic has shifted awareness to health and wellness, and in 2021 the beauty industry will not rely on concealers and highlighters for a healthy glow, but will keep skin care to a minimum and make the skin better. I have witnessed a growing interest in "Skinification" or "Skinimalism", which I often care for.In other words, the "skinimalist" routine is focused on the items you really need, and ideally consists of only the essential ingredients.

How will these newly discovered trends affect skin care in 2022?We consulted with Dr. Björn Örvar, the co-founder and director of the expert BIOEFFECT.

"Based on the evidence over the last decade, we have focused on simpler, safer and more pure products, and have experienced a more scientific approach to how to formulate our products. We also have biotechnology into the cosmetics space. We've witnessed the arrival. It's been researching innovative bioengineered plant-derived EGF for years. Biotechnology has the potential to be sought after and benefited by the skin. I think it will be even more important in the beauty industry over the next few years as it can provide very powerful tools to develop ingredients more accurately, and biotechnology creates more targeted treatments than ever before. You will see it do.


With these in mind, wearing a mask is a new common sense in life, so it's interesting to hear Dr. Bjorn's impact on the skin from a pandemic.Dr. Bjorn explains: "Since the continued use of masks is a new new normal, skin barriers will continue to be the focus of skin care in 2022. In addition, stimulating environmental factors such as UV rays, air pollution, stress and diet will be detected. Studies continue to show that it is the cause of skin inflammation that cannot be done, which is premature skin aging, or by degrading collagen and elastin over time and affecting the normal housekeeping of the skin. It is a serious cause of "inflammatory aging".This may lead to the discovery of new and exciting mitigating ingredients that help heal damaged skin barriers and retain moisture.

Last year we launched BIO PW Power Cream, the most innovative aging care cream.It quickly became one of the most popular products, gaining its valuable recognition in the beauty industry and being praised by beauty bloggers and writers.The visible result is to minimize crepe wrinkles and improve skin elasticity.

"Last year, we had an exclusive and precisely selected plant featuring proprietary plant-derived EGF, as well as ingredients that mimic the skin's natural moisturizing factors, such as oridonin, barley beta-glucan, and niacinamide. Launched BIO PW Cream with Base Complex-including Hyaluronic Acid, Squalene, and Glucerin. PW Cream is a new generation of aging care cream with fineness of wrinkles, stains, firmness and fineness. A multi-tasking miracle worker for moisture, roughness and irritation. "

Power cream

Indeed, more and more people are choosing simpler skin care routines and more minimalist approaches.Also consider how many products you use in your skin care routine, or the ingredient list.

We want to deliver effective results to our customers.A long list of ingredients doesn't always come true.Sometimes it has the exact opposite effect. "A consumer report conducted by The NPD Group in September 2020 shows that 9% of women change their skin care routines because of a pandemic, and the majority stick to the new routine when the pandemic subsides. In the future, we will see a shift to simplicity that simplifies skin care in terms of products, routines and ingredients. People are replacing their vast skin care collections with fewer target products backed by science and research. I am. "

Dr. Björn Örvar further states: “In the last 10 years, customers have become more aware of the ingredients and the so-called“ clean beauty movement ”has emerged.For example, recent studies have shown that about one-third of US women between the ages of 18 and 34 avoid products containing parabens and silicones. When we launched BIO Serum in 3, we quickly realized that we were limited to only seven pure ingredients, which set us apart from most other skin care products on the market. I did.As a biotechnology company, we couldn't understand why some of our products were behind a long and complex ingredient list.Are dozens or hundreds of ingredients really what our skin wants? Our mission at BIOEFFECT is to always use biotechnology, pure, clean, safe and use only the necessary ingredients that have proven to be truly effective for skin health. And to restore and maintain vitality. "

It's not surprising that customers feel confused as the media constantly throws in a barrage of information and ingredients.Skin care information sheets are very wordy and tend to misuse skin care as well as understand.We use too many products or try new formulas so often that they don't spend the right amount of time doing their jobs, or they are accidentally layered or combined. There is a possibility.All of this strains, irritates and confuses the skin.Since the skin is the largest organ of our body, we really should treat it well and give us the amount of thought it deserves regarding putting it down.

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BIO EFFECT is pure when it comes to skin care.It is a clean formulation that uses Icelandic filtered water geologically with a small amount of ingredients.

Don't wait, start a simple life now for your skin.