[December 12st, limited quantity release! Skincare Set 1 Information]

Limited number of holiday collections from December 12st"Skin care Set 2019"Now on sale????
Representative item of bio effect
At the same price as this product of "BI O Serum"
Holiday collection with mini bottles of "BIO Day Serum" and "BIO Body Intensive"🎀

We have prepared a complete set that you can clean your face and body with bio effects.

Skincare Set 2019
Skin care set 2019
Price: ¥ 17,160 (tax included)

set content:
BIO Serum: 15ml (this product)
BIO Day Serum: 5ml (mini bottle)
BIO Body Intensive: 7ml (mini bottle)

Purchase page:https://bioeffect.co.jp/products/2019
* Since the quantity is limited, it will end as soon as it runs out.

Handling at the store:https://bioeffect.co.jp/pages/stores
* Please contact each store for sales status.