[BIO EFFECT LAUNCH] Bioeffect, an innovative skin care series from Northern Europe and Iceland, has finally landed in Japan.

On November 2015, 11, the Bio-Effect Skin Care series finally landed in Japan for the first time.

More than 180 reporters, journalists, and cosmetologists came to the press release held at the Embassy of Iceland in Japan, and it was a great success.

After the brand introduction by the Bioeffects Japan team, Dr. Bjorn Orval, one of the developers of the bioeffects, explained the characteristics of plant-derived EGF contained in the bioeffects, and finally Guzrun Iceland in Japan. Mrs. Austa, who travels around the world as a busy business woman with her ambassador, talked about her impressions as an Icelandic woman who has been using bioeffect products for many years.

After the press release, we had a launch party and a Christmas party in Iceland.Customers enjoyed Icelandic liquor, beer, dessert using Icelandic yogurt called Skyr, homemade cookies and hot wine.